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Our Approach

When working as an IT professional you sometimes create some prototype application in your free time that never get used as commercial projects. This page provides some of these “it should be done like this” applications and helpers. We think they could be helpful, so feel free to download and use them.

While saying that, this page does not offer any commercial download or tool. You’re using that tools on your own risk. Don’t blame us for problems that may occur when using it.

We kindly ask you to let us know if you found some kind of problem / bug. Maybe we can figure the issue out and eliminate the bugs from future versions.

Meet the Team

To be honest, currently there is no team. It’s only me developing and testing the tools provided here. My name is Martin Gudel, and currently I’m working as an IT Pro for an IT service company in Northern Germany. Before I joined that company, I have been self-employed for several years on my own IT company and started to develop some small helper tools, that became what you can find here.

Tools provided here no not depend on my professional work, while you may contact me to get more support on that.

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