Debug Information included in current modules

As some of you already noticed, there is some debugging information available when you started your testing and an error occured. Please find an example for a debug message example in the screenshot (the example comes from an unhandled exception that has been thrown by the 3rd party DSInternals library that we used to handle the  DRS remote protocol. ).

Yes, it’s true. The current download includes additional information for debbuging, as we decided to let csc.exe produce a debug version. Please keep in mind that at the current  state the software is not intended for production usage and we want to find out about problematic behaviour, Exceptions that are not catched and as much infromation about error causes as possible.

This also enables you to find out a lot more details on how our code is working in your test environment. While saying that, no we still decided not to publish the current tool as an open source product. Code quality prevents us from that as we initially started this product as C++/C# learners.

So do not be suprised in case you receive an unhandled error messages that offers you with the debugging option. It’S how things are currently intended to work.