Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find some answers to frequently asked questions below.


Can I use your software for free?

Yes, all software and tools provided on this website is provided for free. Please be aware that you are using the software on your own risk.

For that reason, free software is provided only for build and test purpose and it is not indented to get used in your production environment. As long as you are running it for free, we do not guarantee this is useful for any purpose at all.

Do you offer a commercial support option?

A commercial support option is not provided on this web page, so you do not receive a professional SLA. As I’m interessted on your experience you still may get response to your reports and questions  if you accept it to take some additional time.
While saying that, you may get in personal contact with me on my business account to discus further options. Find me on XING and other networks.

My blog post comment is not shown. Why?

If you just posted your comment it still needs to get approved by us. To prevent us from spam comments we decided not to publish comments automatically anymore.

How many people are developing?

Currently, it’s only Martin. I still decided to continue to make use of the term “team” as that makes the website more flexible in case that may change in future.

Who is responsible for this content?

All website content under is currently provided and maintained by Martin Gudel, Oddernskamp 15, 22529 Hamburg / Germany. Contact me at