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During the last few weeks I received several questions about where I do my next talks on Microsoft Graph, PowerShell and Office 365. To prevent me from answering each and every single mail received, this article provides an overview about where I attend a meetup conference and if I do a talk there as well.

Date Event name Location Speaking?
10.04.2019 Office 365 User Group in Hamburg Hamburg Host
12.04.2019 Hamburg Technologie Meetup Hamburg no
27.04.2019 Global Azure Bootcamp Hamburg yes
11.05.2019 SPS Saturday Cologne 2019 Köln no
17.05.2019 Hamburg Technologie Conference Hamburg yes
18.05.2019 Azure Saturday Munich no
25.05.2019 SQL Saturday Rheinland #856 Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, St. Augustin yes
03.06.2019 Office 365 User Group in Hamburg Hamburg Host
05.06.2019 Azure Bonn Meetup Bonn yes
12.06.2019 Microsoft Teams User Group Hamburg yes
15.06.2019 Global DevOps Bootcamp Hamburg no
29.08.2019 Office 365 User Group in Hamburg Hamburg Host
13./14.09.2019 CIM Lingen Lingen, Emsland no
05.10.2019 PowerShell Saturday Hannover no
08.10.2019 aOS Aachen Aachen yes
19.10.2019 SQL Saturday #880 in Munich Munich no
26.11.2019 Trust in Tech Hamburg Meetup #1 – the Kick-off Hamburg Host
30.11.2019 SharePoint Saturday Munich Munich no
02.12.2019 European SharePoint Office 365 and Azure Conference Prague no
07.12.2019 Technology Conference Hamburg Hamburg yes
09.12.2019 Office 365 User Group in Hamburg Meetup #14 Hamburg yes + Host

What’s the current run list?

Most of the time, I focus on topics around tools. My favorite automation tool is PowerShell in an on-premises world as well as in a serverless environment like Azure Functions. I’m

What I’m currently talking about, is like this

  • What is this “modern workplace” concept about?
  • How did I develop my Version of a PowerShell Core Module for mnaging Office 365 (msmodule replacement module)
  • Microsoft Graph API – authentication workflows and data management by using PowerShell
  • using Azure to implement modern cloud management – Governance, Security, (Data) Security, automation and more using Azure Automation
  • AI – the intelligent cloud using Cognitive Services from Azure together with Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Teams – the Collaborative Workspace Environment in Microsoft 365 – advanced intro
  • Microsoft Teams – integrate your Web App using Teams App Studio
  • Azure DevOps – an intro to managing a project, work mangement and code
  • “Friends don’t let friends right-click publish!” (Donovan Brown) – deploy your Azure Web App using custom domains and SSL certifikates directly from Azure DevOps.
  • “Videos are the new documents” they say. This is an intro talk on Microsoft Stream and the VideoIndexer API from Azure. Learn, how automatic transscript works in Microsoft Teams for the German language as well
  • Predictive Analytics – an Azure Machine Learning-Studio Use-Case
  • The way of the database – a SQL Server story
  • Error handling deep dive with PowerShell
  • Develop custom modules using PowerShell
  • Desired State configuration using PowerShell

Sessions typically take an hour with the first half setting some basic knowledge about how solutions work and a second part based on practical demos.

If you feel an interesting talk within that list, feel free to contact me via twitter (@AtholyMardies) but please allow a few days to response. Usually I respond within 2-3 days