Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition: Build and Deploy reusable components with SharePoint Framework Library component type

In this blog post you find additional information on Jayakumar Balasubramaniam‘s session at Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition

Session Description

In this session we will learn how to build and deploy shared SPFx components which can be used by SPFx webparts and SPFx extensions from appcatalog just like third party components.
It ensures we can reuse the SPFx components for the entire tenant and reduces dev effort in building it again.

About Jayakumar

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam is a technology evangelist working on Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Azure. He gets his hands dirty with the latest and greatest of SharePoint, Azure & front-end frameworks. Currently working with “Hubfly – A unified digital workplace” as a Product Engineer. Getting in to the depth of the domain & technology, with my eyes for perfection, ensures that the product releases go right every time. He’s also recognized as a C# Corner MVP.