Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition: Connecting the dots with PowerAutomate, MS Graph and other cool stuff!

In this blog post you find additional information on Andreas Schlüter‘s session at Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition

Session Description

In the real world we often interact with more than only Microsoft 365 Tools and Software.
We will have a look at processes like generating Documents with 3rd Party sources, transform these docs and sign them online at a trusted Signer without printing Andy piece of paper.
All concepts normally base on API to connect and we will also create a custom connector. This will be Fun and very productive in automation!

About Andreas

Andreas Schlüter is a passionate Consultant, Trainer & Enabler with Focus on Microsoft 365 (Office365 [MCSA], Windows 10, EMS) & Azure

  • Onboarding & Rollout Microsoft 365 – technical, conceptual, communicative
  • Migration of Workloads On-Premises -> Modern Cloud
  • Many years of experience in the administration, setup and customizing of Microsoft cloud services
  • Best Practices, possibilities & no-go´s
  • Change, Learning & Adoption – Mindset-Blowing & Magic-Moments