Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition: Microsoft Search – the what, the why and the how

In this blog post you find additional information on Kevin McDonnells session at Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition

Session Description

Heard about Microsoft Search but not quite sure where it fits in? Unsure how you can use the search on your own pages? Wondering if you can bring in other content? Let me guide you through what can done now and what is coming soon, balancing the different types of search.

Covering how Microsoft Search and SharePoint Search live harmoniously together (if treated right), this session will show all the benefits of having all your search in one place can give that feeling of consistency to end users and demonstrate that you don’t have to lose functionality to do it.

About Kevin

When a project builds, tests, deploys and notifies a client that their latest request is ready and they reply that it’s exactly what they envisioned if they couldn’t fully articulate it, that’s the perfect day for Kevin. After starting as a graduate in the infrastructure side of a UK Investment Bank, Kevin built on the ASP and VB spaghetti code that he taught himself at university to build out a well rounded approach to development. Taking roles on the SharePoint side has not stopped him wanting to develop properly and he retains solid understanding of Agile and DevOps processes alongside the technical side of cloud infrastructures.
After a couple of years as a dev architect at Ballard Chalmers, he has returned to focus on the Office 365 world with CPS as a Solutions Architect with a broad base across the Microsoft stack. This includes co-hosting the fortnightly podcast GreyHatBeard and working on a video series with Apress on an introduction to Cosmos DB as well as desperately trying to inspire the Cub Pack he leads with IoT devices to get them coding.