Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition: session overview

Now that Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp, Hamburg Edition, is close ahead, let’s have a closer look at the session details we offer at this years virtual event.

  1. Smita Nachan and Nanddeep Nachan: Collaborate on Microsoft Teams with Power Platform
  2. Sia Ghassemi: Unleash the full power of Excel Spreadsheets with Azure Serverless
  3. Jayakumar Balasubramaniam: Build and Deploy reusable components with SharePoint Framework Library component type
  4. Andreas Schl├╝ter: Connecting the dots with PowerAutomate, MS Graph and other cool stuff!
  5. Prashant G Bhoyar: Implementing Microsoft Teams Governance using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph APIs and SharePoint
  6. Kevin McDonnell: Microsoft Search – the what, the why and the how
  7. Nanddeep Nachan: Microsoft Lists: Evolving the value of SharePoint lists and beyond

Please see the links for more about the sessions details.

How to join?

You can joim this years Bootcamp in Hamburg via our Office 365 User Group in Hamburg meetup group on . We also will publish a LinkedIn Event during the next days, so watch out for Martins Posts via LinkedIn and at the meetup group.

I appreciate your attendance!