Microsoft Teams data residency

As you may already know, Teams Data goes together with Office 365 data centers. As there is no Azure data center available in Africa, up to November 2017 for the EMEA region that was the same as your data is stored in the Dublin and Amsterdam data center.

So while the application data you link to your tabs may be stored somewhere around the globes, for you as a user in the EMEA region that means that data is stored in Dublin / Amsterdam

    • Chats/Teams and Channels
  • Images and Media
  • Files:
  • Tabs

You can find the original description about data details for each media type on a team in the original article on the Microsoft Tech Community blog.

With the blog article mentioned above Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams will provide data residency in the UK. This means that new Customers who sign up for Teams after this date will automatically receive the benefit of having their data stored in country.

What does that mean to cutomers in Germany

As you know, there is no data center for the Azure / Office 365 global cloud located in Germany. So while it’s still possible for Microsoft Cloud Germany customers to link public internet content to Microsoft Teams, their data are not going to be stored in the regional Microsoft Cloud Germany data center. That does not fit the design principle for services which are running on the Microsoft Cloud Germany data center, so you do not find that on the roadmap for Teams data resiliency.