Office 365 Developer Bootcamp in Hamburg

On October 22nd, 2017  I visited the Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp in Munich. I’d like to give credits to Stefano Tempesta and Maximilian Melcher for a great day full with information on Microsoft Teams and Bots.Stefano Tempesta preparing for the session opener

I’d like to encourage everyone here in Hamburg who has enough free time at November, 2nd 2017 to join the event.

To do that, you can register for the event on .

Basics on Microsoft Teams

In Munich, the day started with a talk by Max Melcher, introducing Microsoft Teams and how to automate registering new team members to his team. He demonstrated how to register by using a simple web page, which inserted all the registrants information to a separate database and wrote some push notification to the General conversation page in Teams. In a second step, he showed us how he can manually create invites by clicking a button on an team administrators web page.

This was followed by a  Advanced integration scenarios hands-on session (“hackathon”).

Unfortunately I was so focussed on that session that I didn’t shoot pictures to show you how great that session was. My apologies, Max!

Introduction on Bots and the Microsoft Bot Framework

After the lunch finished, Stefano started his talk about the Microsoft Bot Framework. For that, he introduced us to the different methods on how to create a bot by using JSON files, forms-based chats and simle and improved dialogs in C#.

For that he had prepared a Github repository including several Bot to demonstrate the different types of form-based bots, simple or rich cards to illustrate your bots question/response and several ways on how to navigate through a dialog.


I’m not quite sure if this events title “Office Development” is adequate. While saying that, a Microsoft Teams and Bot bootcamp is it really worth to join for me. Bots and Microsoft Teams are currently one of my hot topics when talking about Office 365 and/or Azure use cases.

I hope there will be more sessions like that in the next weeks/months!

Martin and others working hard on the Advanced integration scenarios in MS Teams task. (picture by Max Melcher)