Office 365 User Group Hamburg #1 06/11/2017: Call for Speakers

Office 365 User Group Hamburg

It’s done – I just created the meetup for the Office 365 User Group Hamburg, set the date, did some intial setup and created the first Office 365 User Group Hamburg Meetup. As from the survey results, I will create a session every 3 months. Depending on speakers and content we will add more explicite sessions for some special things.

My personal definition of “Office 365-related stuff” is very similar to this post from the official Microsoft Technet blog:

Call for Speakers

Every finish also is a new beginning. For the User Group this means now I’m looking for Speakers who want to have a talk on Office 365 related topics. My estimation is that you focus on Office 365-related products. While saying that, products to run an Office 365 environment are wanted, too.

So if you or your company want to have a presentation about something you noticed on your recent Office 365 project, or you think your products is interesting in terms of migrating to Office 365 or one of its components, let me know!

Încrease your visibility in Hamburg as a speaker at our User Group Events.

If you propose a talk, please always include this information:

  • your contact details (name, (cell) phone, Skype contact, mail address)
  • target audience for your talk
  • contents and agenda. If possible include a short teaser to introduce you, your company and your talk. This is required to announce your talk in our meetup platform post.
  • Agenda and a management summary. This is used by the organizers (Martin) to rate amenity of your talk. Please also let us know if you will only present a topic / solution / method, or if you include additional demos. We prefer demo-heavy presentations.
  • your talk is a community service. You will not get paid for the time and / or travel.

Usually we estimate to have 2 sessions per meetup, separated by a break for participants networking. Your talk must fit in a 60 mins time-box. We expect that you send us your presentation (as PPTX or PDF) after your talk within 3 days, so we can publish it on the meetup platform, at or on any Office 365 User Group Hamburg-related platform.

I appreciate your participation.

What happens to your material?

You understand that all mails, messages and presentation content provided is classified “public” so we are allowed publish it on, at the meetup platform or any other Office 365 User Group Hamburg-related platform, so you guarantee that we can use all pictures, presentations and other material to hand it over to our community, announce your presentation in our meetups, talks and other related sessions (i.e. commercial talks which point to our meetup session).

Martin, members as well as Office 365 User Group Hamburg meetup organizers will receive an unlimited license to re-publish your content for this use case. We promise that your content will be published “as is” and we will not change it.

Commercial content rules

Please understand that we are a user group and many participants are technical consultants. We do not want to have pure commercial talks. While saying that I understand that you may need to include products and prices to present your service.

  • I expect to introduce yourself and your company. If you’re talking at our meetup session, please include up to 5 minutes / 1-2 slides about you, your skills and your company. Sponsors may receive a larger time-box up to 15 minutes.
  • If you present your product, please focus on functionality and technical/development stuff. If you’re a cloud service provider or product vendor, we expect you to include some additional slides about costs / pricing and delivery at the very end of your session, so users who are not interested may leave.
    Don’t spent more than 15 minutes in total for that.

Please understand that it’s possible to present your product if you follow these rules. By sending us your talk proposal you accept that we will bash speakers who do pure commercials. We also will let other user groups know what you did.

Getting in contact

Please use the website contact form below to contact me. I will give you a call back within 5 days. You may also contact @AtholyMardies (Martin) on Twitter. If you think you must use smtp mail, please use Don’t hesitate to contact me.