Office 365 User Group in Hamburg meetup #13 – review and slide deck download

… and I think to myself: what a wonderful world!

On Monday, October 28th the Office 365 User Group in Hamburg meetup #13 took place. I’m still overwhealmed by the power of our audience, and I must to admit that you made me feel like it’s all worth the efforts on organizing talks and room and food/beverage sponsors.
And I feel blessed to see so many people who I can rely on, so an RSVP is still an RSVP and does not turn into a no-show. What is the next user group which comes to your mind, when I say: we do not have any no-show?
Attendees and members, you rock!

Speakers and sessions

After we got a good overview about what PowerApps is and how you do your first steps using PowerApps, this time we took a deeper breathe of what’s possible with PowerApps.

To do that, the evening started with an use-case “how can you measure customer satisfaction”, presented by Alexander Klein, a PASS e.V. member. He explained how you can pictures of your customers using PowerApps, and use Cognitive Services [face API] to get information if customer satisfaction got increased after a SQLKellner service.

In addition, he explained how you can create customer satisfaction reports using PowerBI, which you can embed in your PowerApp as well to show direct feedback to a service personel in order to rate the service.

Furthermore he explained some details an additional automation and how to make use of additional Azure and Microsoft 365 services in an app like that.

As a second session, Tomislav Karafilov and Stefan Riedel did a last stop before they join the PowerApps world tour in Munich at the beginning of next month. Stefan did a deeper look into what’s possible by using PowerApps, Tomislav Karafilov did a deep dive on different workflow triggers and flow types by using the Microsoft Flow.

You can find their slide decks here for further session details and download

several great community leaders joined us

Beside the user group meetup, what suprised me the most is that some of the most important Microsoft-related community leaders joined Andre Schmidt and me and our Office 365 meetup this time.

On the picture, you find [mention not in the same order as on the picture]

  • Dominik Dormeyer, community lead of Hamburger Technologie Meetup; I really feel honored of his attendance, because we decided to work together clother with our communities.
  • Fabian Bader and Christoph Burmeister [MVP], organizers of the Hamburg PowerShell User Group
  • Björn Peters [MVP], commuity owner of Azure Meetup Hamburg
  • Stefan Riedel and Tomislav Karafilov, community leads and owners of MSCCCH, Hannover
  • and of course, you find Andre Schmidt, co-organizer and me, Martin Gudel, organizer of Office 365 User Group in Hamburg on the picture.

Missing on the picture is the helping hands from our sponsor EOS Group in Hamburg, who really deserve credits for the great service they offered us to make this evening possible.

Never forget that the sponsor covered all the costs for the rooms, food, beverage and everything else, so we are able to provide this meetup for you completely for free!