reminder: Word Viewer retired in November 2017

As some of you may remember, last year there was an announcement on the Office blog that Word Viewer will be retired in November 2017. At the download link Microsoft writes

NOTE: The Microsoft Word Viewer is being retired in November, 2017.
At that time, the Viewer will no longer be available for download and will no longer receive security updates. Microsoft recommends using these applications to view Word files:
On Windows 10 PCs, download the free Word Mobile application from the Windows Store
On iOS devices, download the free Word for iOS application from the Apple Store
On Android devices, download the free Word for Android application from the Google Play store
Try Office 365 for free for 1 month, which gives you access to the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more and can be installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs, plus up to 5 tablets and 5 phones.
On Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PCs, upload the file to OneDrive and view it for free using Word Online

Using this short blog article, I’d like to remind you that the download will get removed later. As you can see today the download still has been available. Articles from other web pages like said, that there is some announcement by Microsoft that the download will be still available until April, 2018.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find an official blog article on the Microsoft support pages which confirmed that. So please keep on track to replace Word viewer by your alternatice tool of choice, or just move to Office 365 for that.