Azure Backup support for large disks

As most of you know, large disk support on Azure virtual machines is supported since June 2017 now.

Unfortunately, there was a major disadvantage not mentioned in that post: Azure VM built-in backup was not available when you started using large disks; for some of us that prevented us from using large managed disks, as we must keep our data safe; if you cannot put your machine on some instance of Azure Backup Server (MABS) as that requires another additional server with enough local storage, and MARS for a simple file backup does not fir your workload (i.e. if your server is a database server, SAP Business Suite or Dynamics)  you may have experienced serious trouble to back up your data from a large disk.

Now starting on Mar 13, 2018 Azure Backup solved this and large disk support is also available for Azure Backup. No more reasons to not make use of  large managed disks on your VMs!