Gartner names Microsoft Azure as a leader in the Cloud IaaS MQ

Today in the Microsoft Cloud blog you can find the celebration of the Cloud IaaS MQ leadership;  but if you read further articles you also will find that others say that AWS still dominates the cloud IaaS MQ. So what’s for Amazon, Alibaba, Azure and all that “global outsourcing datacenter” IaaS providers that makes them a leader?
To me as I am working as a specialist in Microsofts on-premise technologies during the last 20 years Azure makes the most plausible Datacenter Extension for what is called the Windows Plattform. It makes it easy for me using the Windows Server technologies t connect to and use it in a familiar way. Wasn’t there a claim for “different, but familiar”?

What I personally am suprised every time someone mentioned it is that Microsoft is also listed as a leader for the Cloud Storage technologies and services. I think, this is plausible for storage accounts: provision it, and you right away start mounting it as a file share service in the cloud. On the other hand, I still wonder how they got to be a leader in this quadrant as their Storsimple virtual appliances are even not able to extend their storage unit, LUN or file share, after initial creation. Hopefully to keep ownership in that MQ they extend this functionality soon.

For now let’s celebrate that you’re on the right track once you decided to Azure IaaS. But also keep on track with moving your applications to cloud native implementation.

Bye for now.