My review of 2019 events and 2020 forecasts

The end of the year traditionally is a time to look back and review your deeds during the last 12 months. Rate the things that came across your way. Write the hopefully great end for the current chapter of the book called your life. This is what came to my mind when I found a tweet on Twitter which raised the question “should I write a review?” by Luise to the world.

Some numbers of the year 2019

It was a year full of events. The very first thing that came into my mind when I started to write this blog post was  the question of “do I even remember this years key events?”. That’s why from time to time I have a look to the numbers and counters for conferences I went to and sessions I did.

In 2019, I did 15 sessions on community events, and of course mainly focussed on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. In addition, I did some break-out sessions at PowerShell Saturday, when I discussed PowerShell as a tool for a pen-tester as well as some work-method centric session at the Technology Conference in Hamburg, where I talked about the reasons why Microsoft Teams is a good tool to support centralization principles of the working apprenticeship.

And, of course, the way of the database is still ongoing, as we now reached a state where we can use the data stored in your company for making intelligent decisions.

At the end of this year I’m listed as the organizer of 3 meetups and/or local user groups here in Hamburg, and as the organizer of the Paderborner Technology Meetup. In addition, I’m listed as an co-organizer for the Trust in Tech Meetup here in Hamburg.

With that, I was working as an organizer for 10 community events here in Hamburg. Obviously, the Office 365 User Group in Hamburg is my current primary focus, as it is really eay to care for a topic that you’re working on a daily base on.

Did I also mention that I’m looking for room sponsors in Paderborn and Hamburg?

Travel through Germany

With the will to join the community always comes the question, if and how IT people can protect the environment. To be honest, I’m still looking for a better answer on serving power, fuel, CO2 and waste that was used for my travels. And while it does not directly have to do with the technology I focus on, that is really big numbers of the year 2019 as well.

There was some more events I joined over the year across Germany, looking for additional input mainly on my personal Microsoft Azure- and Microsoft 365-based work-topics and to learn more views and different insights about the productive cloud. My Google time-line app explained, I was driving 75 24h-days through german to join community events. Puh, that’s a lot of kilometers with regard to my car.

And as I think it’s not possible to do that by using only public transport in Germany, I’m still working on a better eco balance. For a year like I did it costs about 500 Euros, which I feel is just a fair invest into CO₂ certificates. Fair deal for the 2019s letter of indulgence.

… to boldly go beyond new horizons

2019 was the first year when I joined 35 meetups, bootcamps, saturdays and other conferences. And there is still more.

Let me say “Thank you!” to all the great organizers and speakers I had the pleasure to join over the year.

Let me say “Thank you!” to my employer, Kramer & Crew, who made it possible to join some of that fantastic events as they partially did some sponsoring of all the travel costs.

Let me say “Thank you!” to to Björn Peters, who a few years ago refused to add Office 365 topics to Azure Meetup Hamburg. The cloud and data is string in this one, so I’m really happy that he joined our company this year.

Let me say “Thank you!” to Andre Schmidt for his strong support to me to run the Office 365 User Group in Hamburg. And in addition, I’d like to address a special thank you to each and every member of this community.

Obviously, there is many more events and meetups we can add to the list. My apologies to everyone, I did not name yet. But the more you see, you always learn about what’s still do discover. And that’s what’s coming up for me in the new decade!

On its journey back, it amassed so much knowledge, it achieved consciousness itself. It became a living thing (Star Trek, the motion picture)