Office 365 User Group Meetup #11 – Slide deck download and resumee

On Monday, July 20th the Office 365 User Group in Hamburg meetup #11 took place at EOS Technology Solutions in Hamburg. For me as the community owner it once gain was a great evening with a good level of exchange on modern workplace topics.

This article does a short resumee and explains how you can receive the slide deck of each session.

The story of this meetup

It started all with an idea brought in by Andre Schmidt in the middle of March 2019. He got noticed about the adoption event of Office 365 meetup cologne and started a discussion if it could make sense to include this topic in our local event. While the most of us work at topics around a modern workplace, mobility first expresses to serve your customer on their local site. So Cologne obviously is too far away for that members in the Hamburg region, who must do their work at their local sites. Said and done.

As a result, at the same evening I started a conversation with Mel and Luise about a slot where we could do it. This was really a hard thing, as we originally defined that meetups should take place every 3 months, so the next free slot was found in July.

July? What the heck!- The whole July in Northern Germany is taken by the summer holidays. I was really afraid that either noone would ever register for an evening during their time off.

And if so, I expected a high rate of no show. So I was really happy that we again had more than 60 registrations at the morning of the day when the event took place.

What you can see as a take-away from this story is that we really work hard on requests that come from our members; it’s not just about what Microsoft or I as an organizer think is interesting. So please let us know what you’re thinking and what you want to get more information about.

Slide deck download

Please find Mel Hesslers slide deck for download here.

To receive the slide deck from Luise Freeses and Michael Roths session, please fill out the form under this link.

Thank you, Speakers and Sponsors

I really want to say Thank you Luise and Michael who came from Düsseldorf/Köln to Hamburg for the evening. That got even more impressive as both had to move to southern Germany on the next day. I’m happy that you joined us and gave us some insights on Office 365 as an IT Project and your personal experience.

Second, but not degraded, I also want to say Thank you to Mel. I’m really glad about your insights and experience on how to manage change in an organisation. This was a great overview of what we should take as a guidance for performing an Evergreen IT project. Thank you for the overview on triggers and actions on how you do motivation and information of customer employees and how you manage progress when you work on that projects.

Another really bid thank you goes to EOS Technology Solutions and namely my co-organizer Andre Schmidt. You really saved my ass when I comes to a room sponsor! We say thank you for a great location and really enjoyed all the benefits that came from you and your collegues who did the whole event management for the rooms, food, drinks, sweeties, and more.

Thank you all for supporting and sponsoring this event so it can be provided once again for free!