now I’m an organizer at Hamburger Technology Meetup as well

Did you notice that I’m now also listed as the organizer of Hamburger Technology Meetup?

To be honest, Dominik Dormeyer will still be kept as the main organizer of that meetup. I got engaged during Dominik and my exchange on last weeks Office 65 User Group in Hamburg meetup, as the original meetup subscription sponsor got lost and there was danger for that meetup to get removed from the platform.

As some of you know, running a community group at is not possible without a paid subscription, which currently costs about 65 USD per 6 months. So we took my private subscription, which I also used to run the Office 65 User Group in Hamburg.

Anyway, starting in May, 2019, we already discussed a cooperation between our two groups for the meetup as well with Dominik. Now as an co-organizer I’m pretty sure I will offer some of my session options to the next Hamburger Technologie Meetup. So get a member of that meetup and be prepared for more information on Microsoft 365 topics and scopes at this meetup.

See you in Hamburg, soon!