SQL Conference – I’ll be talking about SQL Database migration to Azure

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – the original speaker for the SQL Database migration to Azure-talk can’t do his talk on Database migration to Azure this year. This is why I now will takeover his session “Auf, auf in die Cloud, Ihr Datenbanken!” at this years SQL Conference in Darmstadt, DE.

As you may already have noticed, this talk will be in german. Attendees are expected to listen to a level 200 database and Azure talk in german.

In this 60 minutes I will discuss several ways of moving your database to the Azure cloud, including transactional replication, backup and restore scenarios, sql data sync, Database Migration Service and some additional scenarios to get your data to the cloud.

If there is enough time left at the end of the session, I will add some demos about what you saw on my slides and practical tipps and tricks do prevent you from rookie misstakes when starting your database journey to Azure.

So don’t forget to join my talk!

Official Announcement on http://www.sqlkonferenz.de