vote for a Office 365 meetup in Hamburg!

About this poll

As you may have noticed, I joined several community events during the last years. Most of them are focussed on cloud topics like Office 365, Azure Global Cloud, Amazon EC2, Windows Programming and similar.

I wonder for that in Hamburg, Germany there is no meetup with a focus on Office 365. Some meetups are already present about serveral applications that you also can get from your Office 365 subscription while for several cool applications the definitely is no meetup. Other regions in Germany have meetup space for this product, so I wonder if there is need to create something like that here at my place?

Please help me finding out by filling out my poll at ; it’s only 4 questions and will cost you about 1 min.

If you had more comments about Office 365, feel free to ask at the comments below (moderated) or contact me directly.

First statistics on this poll will be published after Sunday, Aug 27th. As minds are changing over time I will keep this poll open after that. So I will know your what’s on your mind.

What does “Office 365 Meetup” mean to me?

This is expected to be a face-to-face community event to talk about use cases for Office 365 on a professional and/or advanced base. Topics should include consolidated information and updates about Office 365 applications, additional tools to support your migration and operation on Office 365, and frequently changing professional talks on Office 365 by consultants and users about their experience with Office 365.

From that, beginners and power users should be able to recognize how to get successful when using Office 365, while professionals may get more user stories to consider when planning their next migration or service design for Offfcie 365 customers. A win-win for both.

As users and professionals have different experience on talking about their tools, they can do a beta test for their future presentation on their Office 365 talks, getting challenged by real-world questions from users that have similar experience like their customers.

Next steps

Depending on your response I will check if we find sponsors for rooms, catering options and speakers to start the story. If you like to get involved, let me know!