Office 365 User Group Hamburg – Save the date: 06. November 2017

From your results on my survey I’d like to create a meetup on common topics about Office 365.

The User Group Meeting will try to provide a general overview for you if you’re dealing with Office 365 applications, which from my personal view is especially Sharepoint, Teams / Skype for Business, Azure AD-related stuff, connectivity, security, compliance and all the other application-related things that you may need to take care of when thinking about Office 365 applications.

In addition I’d like to provide speaker slots for tools around Office 365 that increase value for your user or admin experience.
If your company provides a solution for migration and maintenance tools on Office 365, like Identity Management, Security Management, Migration tools, extensions, let us know! Please note that tools-related speakers must send their talks first, so we can rate them for social spam. It’s allowed to present your and your company on 1-2 slides and let us know who you are, what you’re doing and what makes you deliver value. But we want to focus on technical stuff, so don’t sent us pure commercial, non-technical presentations. We expect you to show your tools on a demo-heavy base.

Depending on their topic speakers usually will get a 60 mins slot. Speakers are talking to community members, so unfortunately you won’t get paid for your time or travel to Hamburg.

To get in contact, please use the form provided on this blog page for the initial contact. Please don’t forget to provide full contact details like your name, mail address, (cell) phone number, skype for business address etc. to receive my callback.

I appreciate your session input!