The way of the databases – a SQL Server story (GAB Berlin)

On the other post I annouced the agenda for Global Azure Bootcamp in Berlin. Marcos Freccia (MVP Data platform) talked about Azure SQL database.

He explained the reasons why you should move to Azure SQL DBs and demonstrated several features like data masking in Azure SQL, TDE, autoscaling and many more advantages. In a 30 minutes overtime-slot he also did an intensive questions-and-answers session to the audience.

After a short break, as one of the last sessions of todays event, I started my talk on SQL server database migration to Azure SQL and managed instance. Obviously I focussed the demos on Azure SQL as well as I could not get another managed instance to my personal Azure Subscription in time.

As that is a very special topic, in the audience there was SQL database administrators. This allowed me to switch the talk to some kind of a more interactive and demo-heavy question and answer. Main topic were

  • security, privacy and other topics around that – no! This is a technical talk, please go to your legal dept. to answer that
  • how do I size my target Azure SQL database? How can I calculate my DTUs?
  • how can I test my Azure SQL database before I switch over to  Azure SQL (production-like testing)
  • network assessments and additional network considerations (round-trip, bandwith, …)
  • What is the database migration guide? What can you do with that tool?
  • What is the database migration assistant? Look and feel, sample assessment and findings reports (hands-on demo)
  • how do you use downtime migration tools to migrate your DB? (DMA, SSMS, hands-on demo)
  • how do you use downtime migration tools to migrate your DB? (Azure SQL Sync, DMS

so I did not bother my audience by using too many slides. Most of the content was demo time, FAQ and some lessons learned from the attendees and my own experience.

Azure Global Bootcamp Berlin, SQL Migration Talk (photo by Benjamin Hüpeden/Twitter)

Download the slides

For those who need to review the keywords to remember the session, please download the slides from my sharepoint drive.

If you have additional questions about my talk, the tools and/or other tools and issues about your database migration to Azure SQL database or Azure SQL managed instance feel free to contact me at Twitter, Mail, this website or any other contact data that you find in the slides. I’d like to hear from you!